Ability to know Project Name in Purchase Order review


When reviewing Purchase Orders, is there a way that I can confirm the the PN Name without clicking to other windows. Also note that I need to open the attached bill to confirm details.
It is quite frustrating to open three windows just to approve 1 PO and repeat this over dozens of entries.
Window 1 - to review PO entry and details
Window 2 - to review attachment for confirmation
Window 3 - to get details for the Project name

Hi Mandy - welcome to the AroFlo forum and thank you for your question. In order to implement some efficiencies to your process, I would suggest you take a look at creating a report to review the PO entry, details AND the Project name in one window. From the report, you’ll be able to click onto individual PO’s to review the attachments; because it will open the PO up in a new window, you won’t lose your place in your list of revisions either :slight_smile: If you need further assistance with how to create a report, please send us through a support request.

Thanks. I have submitted a support request.