Allocating assets to users

Can you let me know if there is a work around to be able to allocate assets to a user and track the history of the asset. For example I want to start a key register for cars, office, padlocks and plant and machinery. I want to be able to class each key as an asset and allocate to a user. If for example in a month someone else needs to use the plant and finds damage I can see a history of that asset what date and time it was allocated. Or an employee is leaving and I want to know what keys they have I am able to by checking assets against their name so I need it so it can not be altered once saved and be in the history of the user.



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Hi David,
Thanks for your question! You can customise a report in the Assets Section of reporting, which allows you to add the following fields: "Assigned User, “Assigned Date Time”, “Unassigned User”, “Unassigned Date Time” this will give you a history of when users were assigned or unassigned from your assets.

When employees leave, as long as you archive their user (via Site Administration) you will not lose the history either.

Alternatively, if you wish to see the asset history live on the asset card itself, then I would recommend creating Location Names for each employee, then move the location of the asset to that location each time it’s been assigned to that person. You will notice that in the “Client History” tab of the asset, you can see the location history on the asset card at any time (without having to go into Reports).

Please contact us if you require further clarification on my suggestion

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Hi David,

There are some other things which may assist you here as well.

We record Task History on Assets. History is populated every time a Task is created and the Asset is assigned to a Task. Create an Asset - Learning Tools - AroFlo Documentation

In this way, you could:

  • Create a QR Code linked to the external URL for the Asset (or tell them to look it up manually).
  • Someone scans the QR Code which brings up the Asset in AroFlo (as long as they are still logged in this will work, if not it will ask them to log in).
  • You can click on Create a Task from the Asset
  • Complete the Task once the vehicle is returned

Then when you look up the Asset later on and click on the Task History tab, you can see every Task for the vehicle, when it was logged, and who by.

GPS Tracking may also assist you here.

If you have an AroFlo supplied GPS Tracker in the vehicle, you may be able to:

  • Install an RFID Reader on the Tracker (AroFlo supplied)
  • Create Driver IDs and assign them to RFID Fobs.
  • Give each user of the vehicle a fob that they need to remember to swipe before taking the vehicle out.
  • It will then record who was driving the vehicle at the time.
    Driver IDs - Office Documentation - AroFlo Documentation

We now also have Asset Trackers, which are battery powered and can be attached to items such as machinery.
This way you can keep track of the physical locations where that asset has been.

Please reply if you require any further information on the above.



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