Allocation of shared costs

We have some costs that are not project specific, i.e. shared between projects. e.g. We have 4 projects in the one area and travel, hired labour, forklifts etc… are incurred as a total for the area. What is the best way to process the supplier invoices without splitting each vendor’s invoice across four projects and then struggle to combine the split costs to one invoice for payment in the accounting software? Is there a way that I can create an over arching project (Darling Habour Site 1) and allocate shared costs to this, then sub projects (Apartment 22, Apartment 74, Shop 34) were I can allocate specific costs (materials).

Hi Mandy,

You can have 1 Purchase Order per Supplier split across the 4 projects, but you would have to split the costs against 4 tasks within each respective Project.

You can achieve this with the ‘Move Items’ tick box on the Purchase Order itself, which you can do providing the Purchase Order is ‘In Progress’.

While you could use any Task in a project, to keep it organised, a better way may be to create an ‘Ancillary Costs’ Task within each Project, and then create a PO outside of a Project, then move line items to each.

The line items would then need to be moved to a Task in each respective Project via the ‘Move Items’ tick box as below:

This allows you to get your costs correct against the Tasks within the respective Projects, however you would have to create / split the Quantities into individual line items.

When the supplier invoices come in, you simply create multiple Bills against the one Purchase Order as required, as the Bills need to be an exact match of your supplier invoice.

Here is a guide on moving Purchase Order Items:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with this one, or feel free to call in and we can show you how this all works.