AroFlo to HubSpot Interaction

If anyone is interested in having a true CRM for sales, with everything that comes with that with reporting etc, please reach out.

We are excited to be able to integrate quotes and tasks into “deals” on Hubspot to track and report on quote and sales activity. We also have bidirectional integration on contacts, you update a contact in one system and it syncs in the other. Very handy if you use the hubspot App to make calls and track interactions etc.

We have also moved event messages into Hubspot with workflows for different trigger points along the deal pipeline (new deal, deal approved, deal commenced) for client communications as we find the data in Hubspot with email opens and clicks etc, and the level of detail we put into the messages alot better.


Hi Tim, we use AF And I thinking of installing Hubspot
I’m interested in finding out a little bit more about what you do and how it works.

Hi Jennifer, shoot me a note on and I can organise a zoom meeting and show you what it does

Hi Tim, I would be very interested in this ,would love to find out more…

Hey everyone,
Really glad to see you reaching out to each other, but please refrain from posting your email address. You are able to private message each other through this forum and that ensures that you’re email remains private.

Anywhere you post your email address that is not private can be seen by anyone on the internet and can then be harvested and added to mailing lists, targetted phishing campaigns etc etc. Remember what Gandalf said: “Keep it secret, keep it safe!” :smiley:

Thanks for the note Bradley, but given my email and phone is freely available on our website it’s not an issue for me.

Hi Tim, I know you posted this a year ago.
I wanted to know more about which Hubspot licence you were doing and more about the integration you have done.
Regards Chris