Assets: Add Asset Types

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You can now assign asset types to your assets, so you can decide which custom fields appear on which assets.

Need to record a certain piece of info for one asset type and not for another? Easy. Just create your asset type, link it to the relevant custom field, and apply it to your asset. Clean, organised asset cards with only the info you need.

Create multiple asset types

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Team AroFlo

The new Asset Types feature can be really handy, especially when coupled with the ability to create Custom Fields. You can create fields to capture information that is only relevant to the type of Asset you have created within AroFlo.
For example, when adding Fire Safety Assets, you can create Asset Types such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Smoke Alarms, etc. As you need to record different information for theses types of Assets, you can now create and link specific custom fields to specific Asset Types.

With Fire Extinguishers Asset Type:
Custom Field could be: “Type of Extinguisher”
and the select option could be: Water, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Dry Chemical (ABE/BE), Foam, Wet Chemical

Another Custom Field for the Fire Extinguisher Asset Type may be: “Agent Capacity”
and the select option could be: 2KG, 3.5KG, 5KG

With the Fire Blanket Asset Type:
Custom Field could be: “Fire Blanket Size”
and the selection option could be: 1200x1200mm, 1200x1800mm, 1800x1800mm

With the Smoke Alarm Asset Type:
Custom Field could be: “Type of Smoke Alarm”
and the selection option could be: Ionisation or Photoelectric


Really good examples. Thanks @tien.aroflo.


Great examples @tien.aroflo. I have had clients across varied industries take advantage of this new feature by being able to limit the custom fields that show on a particular Asset Type only.

Some useful custom fields on the Assets include:

Adding custom fields for the Registration number, Colour.

Garage Door Companies
Adding custom fields for Type of Door, Colour, Warranty with a Yes or No dropdown

Coffee Companies
Adding custom fields for No. of cups dispensed.

Meter installations
Adding custom fields for Meter Location, Meter No.


Asset types significantly improve the usability for companies who have lots of different assets because they only see fields relevant to the asset.

This feature is excellent, just missing one feature. As we have been aroflo users for a number on years, we have a large group of custom fields that are relevant for certain asset groups. As per your examples above, I would like specific asset types for the category “registerable plant” that differ from the “fixed equipment”. At the moment they all have a large number of custom fields which ar blank due to being irrelevant. It would be great to select an asset category and apply the asset type so we dont have to go into individual assets to update.

The team are working on something at the moment to help with this. If you need it done urgently ask customer support and they will put a data request in for you.