Bulk Data Import: Client custom fields

Office: Include client custom fields when using Bulk Data Import tool

As part of our updates to the Bulk Data Import tool, we have now enabled custom fields to be added to clients when importing in bulk.

Note that this is currently available for creating new clients only and cannot be used for updating existing ones.

![Bulk Upload custom fields on Clients](upload://jpSh3adtO3Ht10I3OmnuAARSHAG.png)

Team AroFlo


Do you know when it will be used to update things like inventory and assets etc

Custom Field updating is also live in Assets, and Inventory can be Bulk Uploaded. You can even update pricing on inventory items using a bulk upload providing the Category / Part No / Description all match.

Here is some information on Assets:
Bulk Data Import: Asset custom fields

Information on updating Inventory pricing via Bulk Update:
Bulk Import: Update Inventory

Which other areas of the system do you think would benefit most from being able to bulk update?