Calendar: Old Calendar Becomes Read Only

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Old Calendar to become READ ONLY as of Monday, 15 November 2021

Anyone still using the Old Calendar is encouraged to make the switch to the New Calendar that we launched last year, in preparation for the removal of the Old Calendar. The New Calendar gives you all the settings from the Old Calendar, plus:

  • Calendar views that you can save and share
  • Additional filters to quickly display just the info you need
  • An All-Day Events slot for industry RDOs, public holidays, and more
  • Shaded non-work hours to show people's normal working hours at a glance.

As of Monday, 15 November, events in the Old Calendar will become READ ONLY. This means that you will be able to view them, but not drag, drop, resize, select days/times, or save any settings.

Click Learn more, below, for more information and some handy links to how you can set up your New Calendar to suit your needs.


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Calendar: Old Calendar Becomes Read Only