Coming Soon: Purchase Order changes

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Introducing Bills

In January, we announced some changes coming to the way purchase orders will function and the introduction of a new feature called Bills. Due to the unexpected pressures of COVID-19, we decided to postpone these changes to enable you to focus on your business during these uncertain times. Now that we are gradually returning to normal life, we aim to roll out this functionality in the coming weeks.

What's changing

You will soon have separate records for your purchase orders and supplier invoices:

  • The original purchase order, which will reflect what you actually ordered and at what price
  • The supplier invoice, which will be your record of how much you owe the supplier. This will be created in AroFlo as a Bill and will be linked to the purchase order.

Watch our short introductory video to the feature:

![Purchase Order vs Bill](upload://mtx3pn5UCNDNi08KmAkBxSm3nEA.jpeg)

Team AroFlo

Coming Soon: Purchase Order changes