Coming Soon: Purchase Orders and Bills updates

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Based on feedback received, we're shortly going to be making a few changes to the way items are added onto a bill from purchase orders:

  • Only items that have been received but not billed, and items that have been billed but not received will transfer across to a new bill.
  • Both purchase orders and bills will contain a Quantity Billed column, making it easier to see how much of each item has been billed for.
  • Bills will contain a colour-coded Totals column, telling you the quantity of items ordered from your purchase order versus the received quantity across all linked bills.
  • The quantity received on a purchase order will be read-only for items that have been billed, and will use the same colour codes as seen on the bill to indicate total quantity received vs ordered.
  • Stock levels will no longer update from the quantity received on purchase orders, but will update from the quantity recorded on bills.
  • On a bill, if you want to add unbilled items from the purchase order, or remove items not received or billed, you'll be able to use the new Manage Purchase Order Items dropdown.
  • When creating a bill without entering quantities received on the order, you'll need to decide what action you want to take.

Purchase Orders and Bills updates

Bill actions

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Coming Soon: Purchase Orders and Bills updates