Compliance Forms

Can we get an aroflo form that has an if this then that on it so that when the techs are on-site and as they are going through the form they can grab the right information that needs to be shown to the client. For example if the house has a roof leak, it tells them what information I need to grab off them in regards to the roof. Or if the house has a flooding issue, it does the same thing. Or did the property go through both and needs to grab both sets of information.
This will be extremely helpful especially when intergration of new staff members, Due to the works that i do I can have a large change over of staff members and contractors. This just ensure that i get the right information from the contractor or employee the first time every time.

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Hi Sean
I think service actions would help with this. You can set up service actions i.e. roof leak, flooding etc. and it will add relevant compliance forms, documents and inventory.

Here are some links to info about it, you can also call Customer Service and they will help you out.

Service Actions - Administrators Guide - AroFlo Documentation

Hi Guy,
As great as that seems it can lead to the customer getting multiple forms and getting confused at what I am trying to present them. Also can confuse the tech as there would be so many different forms and different variations of that form to have it in a way that it is presentable to the client. By a simple if yes then this if no move on would let the client have the right information and not confuse the techs on what form they are meant to be using especially if they are new to the company.

Hi Sean
At this point, the closest we can get to what you want is service actions. What you have asked for is similar to a future enhancement which we have called event actions. Event actions are some way off as the dev team is at capacity with existing projects. We do agree it would be super helpful and do intend to implement it when possible.