Copy Short URL from Task List

You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

Copy short URL from ServiceTrack > Current and Completed.

You can now copy a task's Short URL from within the ServiceTrack > Current or Completed menu. This is helpful if you need to share a task with a colleague.


Team AroFlo
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Love having the copy feature available in my Current Task List.

Another way I take advantage of this quick link is inside my AroFlo email templates.
In my AroFlo site I have added the Task Short URL (office) to the footer of my emails.
That way if the client replies to the email my email inside my Outlook will have the link.
I can then click on the link and it opens up the relevant job without having to search for the Task.

To set this up you just need to add the following field: [Task URL Link (office)]. Take a look at Email Templates for more information.


That’s a great way of doing things @julzapi :smiley:

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