Corrupt form layout template error? PLEASE HELP!

First post here so please forgive me if my knowledge isn’t up to scratch. I am creating custom form templates in word in .rtf format, I have completed the form and attempted to upload and received this error message “The layout file is corrupt. Please try again or contact AroFlo support if this continues.”

Obviously today is good Friday so no Aroflo support… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @w.joe ,

Huge respect for digging into some AroFlo goodness over the Easter break and I hope you found some time to relax as well!

This sounds like a job for our Customer Support team, I recommend sending a support request so we can get some technical expertise on the scene pronto.

If this is your first support request, you can follow this link to our documentation page, it will show you how to submit a ticket and then someone will be in touch very soon!

Hope this helps answer your question and thanks for reaching out.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the response, I got onto one of your lovely colleagues on the Tuesday who solved my problem. It was user error on my part, I had an AroFlo created form selected when I was attempting to upload the document which AroFlo didn’t like. Now i know, i wont be making the same mistake again.



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