Custom Forms: Docs & Photos Field

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Users who have subscribed to our Document Management add-on can now upload documents and photos to custom compliance forms and have them appear on layouts and reports. This is handy if your clients require photographic or additional documentary support for compliance items.

When creating or editing custom forms, just look for the Documents and Photos field type.

![Documents and Photos Field](upload://yW1SUTEJxBopyUgTzG2kWt3T84t.png)

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Team AroFlo

Custom Forms: Docs & Photos Field

It is also useful for Client Reports, including Property Inspections, Plumbing Inspections, Pest Inspections.
For example, on a Property Inspection Report you can now show photos under the specific areas, ie. Kitchen, Bedroom.
Beforehand the photos would be grouped together. With this new enhancement the photos can appear in specific areas of the PDF version sent to the client.
This gives greater flexibility, as you can add the specific Photo Fields to a particular area of the form and then choose where they appear on your client facing document.

It is also useful for defect reports on construction projects.

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