Default screen when swapping between business units

Hi Support

We have 4 different business units in our setup. I often swap between them to check settings, customer information, invoices, inventory etc. Is there a way to stop Aroflo from defaulting back to the dashboard screen when you select a new business unit. I would prefer that it stayed in the same area but updated with the selected business unit. An example being if I am checking on periodic tasks in one business unit and want to see them in another, the screen will default back to dashboard in the newly selected business unit instead of updating where I was

Hi Keith,

At this time there is no setting within AroFlo that provides function you are describing.

I also find there are many times when swapping BU’s that I would like the system to return to the same page that I’m currently viewing - such as the current Task list. However there are also times when the idea may not work as well - eg: Having an individual search, client or task page open, then swapping to another BU where those items are not available.


I think you can cheat the system by going to your business unit drop down and right clicking on the next business unit and select “open in new window” forget the newly opened window amd refresh your start page. I know this works for some stuff. I use this process if I want to access a simple or detailed quote from a different business unit.