Delivery Status: Now for MYOB Only

The Delivery Status dropdown now only appears for clients who have an accounting integration with MYOB or MYOB AccountRight Live. We've added '(MYOB)' to the end of the field name, for clarity.

This field is not used for any other purpose, so we've removed it from those who don't need it, to keep AroFlo looking clean and lean.

![OFFICE IMAGE](upload://6ylmsEUTbpAGduIFMllFmdlGMjc.png)

Team AroFlo

What is this field name in the APIs, and what are the valid values in the APIs?

We’ve had it activated to be used in a custom integration and currently believe the field is named “deliverystatus” but we cannot discern valid values in order to use this field in a WHERE clause.

For example, one value displayed in the dropdown is “Already Print. or Sent” and when we retrieve an invoice through the API that has this value, we see a data value “Already Printed or Sent” … but when we try and add a condition to the WHERE clause so that we pull all invoices in this status, we’ve tried both these values and the list of returned invoices is not being filtered by that field as we would desire.