Documents and Photos: Folders for Tasks and Quotes

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You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

Folders are now available in the Documents and Photos tab on the Task Worksheet and Quote Worksheet.

Use folders to keep your jobs organised and quickly find the files you need.

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Team AroFlo

Documents and Photos: Folders for Tasks and Quotes

It would be great if we could link images to inventory items. Things like spec sheets, promotional material, MSDS and the like.

Then, when an inventory item is used in a quote / task (either directly or via an assembly) these files could be linked back to the quote / task and be quickly accessed as needed.

As these linked files could be in an automatically created folder (perhaps based on the take-off sheet) they won’t be in the way if they are not needed.

It would be quicker to add material to a quote - making up-selling options easier. It would make data and instructions more accessible to the shop floor and site teams, making work easier. It will also make job-specific safety information more accessible, making compliance easier.

I am fairly sure there is a product suggestion in for this.

I like the feature of grouping documents but it is not available in the field. If you set up folders in office, you can see which folder they belong to in the field but you can’t choose a folder to upload the images to! Most of our job photos are done by the team in the field so only makes sense that they should be able to upload directly into these categorised folders or it creats more work for admin to try and determine which folder they belong in.

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Hi Kerrie
Thanks for your feedback and we agree with you. We are working on a user interface update that will give you the ability to add documents to a folder from the field. It is not possible with the current interface.