Dollar value of completed tasks awating invoicing?

We have a fair bit of completed tasks awaiting invoicing. Is there a way to produce a report showing the total dollar value of the completed tasks awaiting invoicing?

The only standard report I found that produced any significant information was “outstanding invoices”. However, this was only a third of the completed tasks.


Hi Tony
Start with the “Completed Tasks” report, and Save a copy of the report in Customise > Save

  1. In Customise > Filters, remove the filter from the “Date Requested” field.
  2. In Customise > Fields, add the following two fields to the report - “Task Total Cost” & “Task Total Sell”.
  3. In Customise > Advanced, tick the “Show Column Totals” option.
  4. Refresh the report, then Save.

For further information on reporting, please see the following help page - Working with Reports - Office Documentation - AroFlo Documentation.

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