Field: More Ways to Use Barcodes

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If you use barcodes for managing assets and inventory, you'll love what you can now do with them in AroFlo Field.

Use Web Browser Scanning

This option combines your device's camera with your web browser's scanning capabilities to turn your device into a barcode scanner. No software downloads to worry about, and just a single click to capture a barcode. Just look for the Scan Barcode icon.

![Scan Barcode Icon](upload://9seuO6dtvqYpCcrHt12SEubwLF4.jpeg)

Add a 'Barcode' Custom Field

You can now use the 'barcode' field type when setting up custom fields on your assets and tasks. This means you can record multiple barcodes against a single asset or task.

Good to know...

For easy and accurate scanning in hard-to-reach or poorly lit areas, or to protect your device from the elements, you can use an external barcode scanner (USB or wireless/Bluetooth) to populate any field in AroFlo.


We've scheduled a webinar for 1:30pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 11 March, to show you through the new barcode scanning features. Register here.

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