Field: Schedule Timeline view

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Field Updates: Schedule Timeline

Have even more visibility over your calendar events with our update to the schedule timeline view.

Tap the new date range filter to specify how many days you'd like to display information for.

Select between:

  • 1 day (default)
  • Next 3 days
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days

After making a selection, simply scroll down the list to access more days.

AroFlo will remember your selection, even after you've logged out.

![Updated Project List](upload://a82uJiIPSYWWdHgTNHqRYJTohfb.png)

Note that the Schedule is only available if you're using our fresh new-look AroFlo Field. Still using the old look? Look for the option in the main menu to switch to the new. We think you'll like it.

Team AroFlo
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