Inventory search capability

We have loaded one of our suppliers inventory book into our company inventory. It is approx. 2500 items. When trying to find items it appears that the search capability is restricted to exact matches . An example being a stock item called “filter for compressor single”. If I search for filter it brings up a list of all items with filter which is OK. Unfortunately that brings up a huge list. If I search looking for “filter compressor” I get nothing. I have to enter “filter for compressor” before I get a match. I have tried a multitude of wildcards, checked in the help, searched for wildcard in the search but cannot find a way to easily find this product without using the exact format of the name. Surely there is a wildcard capability. If I could sort the list on the available columns then maybe I could find it based on the amount of stock but this is not a capability either. Please help

Hi Keith
The AroFlo team are actively working on expanding global search to different areas of the system and inventory is one of them. In the future, being able to search parts of a description will be coming to the inventory search.

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Hi Peter

Thank you for your response. Can we have some sort of time frame for this glidal search. At this point in time with no global search makes loading a suppliers stock book a crippling function for the inventory system from an end user perspective. We have loaded one supplier and now our techs can’t find anything.

Is this still being worked on? It really is a struggle with having to search exact match’s. Even with two words the same but reversed doesn’t work eg 32mm conduit - conduit 32mm one works one doesn’t this is a real pain for my staff.

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As above searching is terrible at the moment. I waste so much time trying to find product, its easier to search up from our suppliers and enter manually than use aroflos search.

Yes it is, I will follow up and see where it is at.

Hi Aroflo

Its now another month on. Any update on when this will be available

We hope to release the global search for the office interface in the next week or so and hope to have it available in the field soon. I apologise for the delay in our response, with everyone working from home communication has not been as good as it could be.