Labour charging per business unit

We use 4 different BUs in our setup. It is not uncommon for an employee of one BU to complete or be involved in tasks from another BU. By default in Aroflo the labour revenue is assigned to the BU that the task is generated from. Is there a way to default the labour GL code (we use Xero intergation) to the BU that the employee belongs to? an example being employees from BU a and BU b work on a task. The task is generated from BU a. When the invoice is generated we would want the labour for employee a to default to BU a and the labour for employee b to go to BU b. I know it can be manually altered at the invoicing stage but this requires manual intervention and also relies on the person doing invoicing to choose from the drop down . I cannot see any option in the site admin area for this or any mention in the help documentation

Incidentally I lodged a support “General Enquiry” last Friday morning and have not had any response apart from your automated system saying that I lodged a feature request. As a wholley web based business you live o die by your responsiveness to web enquiries. 4 Days is a but slow

That’s a great question.
You can control tracking categories in Xero against users in AroFlo by assigning Tracking Centres and mapping them to the Xero Tracking Categories, but you can’t map a user generated revenue to an actual GL code.
The GL mapping is directly linked to the BU account code mapping for the income line of the BU the task is owned by, and unfortunately that can only have one default GL code against it.

You could definitely achieve a similar type of reporting in Xero by using Tracking Categories if you want to see the breakdown of revenue in more depth. It just won’t write directly to a GL.
It will be able to breakdown the GL it does write to by category though which is a great way to micro analyse an income stream (ie labour etc).
Not sure if that gives you the level of transparency you are looking for or not, but it works quite well when trying to see what the breakdown of a GL is, can be made up and matched between AroFlo and Xero, and transfers automatically if setup properly.

Thanks for your reply Chris

This does not address the situation we have. I understand that the labour GL is linked to the BU but it would be nice to be able to link the labour GL to an employee rather than the actual BU as the employees costs are normally attributed to the BU that he is resident in (from a wages perspective in Xero anyway) and not the one he is doing work for. I have added additional “list only” mappings in the account code mapping area so that our invoicing person can choose which BU the labour revenue goes to. This is a workaround but obviously requires more work on the admin staff

Interestingly Aroflo have still not responded to the original support request that was logged over a week ago or chosen to add any comments to the forum question.

Definitely something to put in as an enhancement request, but I doubt the system has that level of granularity when mapping to accounting programs, even Xero, atm.
Who knows though, AroFlo were able to get payroll mapping to occur by user, so maybe if there is enough interest it will be an improvement that is worked on in the future.

I use a similar type of tracking setup when I look at breaking down expense and revenue generation aspects of my P n L, and find tracking categories (especially with the refined Xero reporting tools in place now) to be that nice middle ground that can be automated (removing the manual changing of line items to the list code on every PO and invoice) at the user and/or task and material level, and pushed across automatically during integration.

Maybe not the perfect answer for you, but it works quite well when trying to get the reporting benefits of the accounting program from the standard data pushed across through AroFlo. Not as good as mapping direct to a GL, but still valuable.

Anyway, Best of luck Keith!
And if you haven’t played with them yet, definitely look into tracking centres and their relationship with Xero.
I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can get through proper application.