Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks when creating RTF files for layouts

Reply here to share some tips and tricks you’ve learnt in Word when creating your RTF files for layouts

To have a separate header/footer when using multiple pages

Firstly, you must have at least 2 pages on your document for this to work.

If you want the footer to appear on the second page for example, navigate to the second page.

Double click in the footer section to activate the footer properties section

Under Options, click on Different First Page

Under Navigation, ensure that Link to Previous is also unselected.

You now have the ability to create a different footer for your second page that is different to your first page!

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Following on from this there’s a really neat feature in word to prevent your tables (Labour, Materials etc) from being split across two pages (or even your subtotal lines at the bottom if you put them all in one table.

Right Click on the Table and click Table Properties.

Then click into the Row Tab

Then Untick ‘Allow row to break across pages’

This will mean that in the event that your table covers more than one page (where possible) each ROW will drop to the new page rather than being cut off mid section. This makes your invoice or quote look much tidier.

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