New Bills feature: Now live!

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Introducing Bills

We're excited to announce our latest feature, Bills, is now live. This feature changes the way purchase orders will function.

What's changed

You now have separate records for your purchase orders and supplier invoices:

  • The original purchase order, which reflects what you actually ordered and at what price
  • The supplier invoice, which is your record of how much you owe the supplier. This is created in AroFlo as a Bill and is linked to the purchase order.

![Purchase Order vs Bill](upload://tv5JqhBSrGqGNZdtdjD503VSByw.png)

Join our webinar

We've scheduled a second webinar on this new feature for Wednesday, 5 August 2020 at 11:30 am (AEST). This webinar will be in the form of a Q and A. Register here.

You can view our first webinar on the topic here:

![Bills Webinar](upload://k1oYtpQPWZVfKdhWAGg6S2JLylm.jpeg)

Other resources

Before this feature was released, we created some additional help pages, including an FAQ page, to help ease you into the transition. View these here.

Team AroFlo

New Bills feature: Now live!