Nuts & Bolts Update: 21 February 2020

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Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Active Timers Count

We've introduced a counter on the active timers button for both Timesheets and on Task worksheets.

The active timers button can be accessed whether you're using AroFlo Office or Field, and is an easy way to view active timers for other users. With this latest improvement, you can now see at a glance how many current timers are running without actually viewing the timers.


  • Show All Task Timers is found on Task Worksheets and will show you how many timers are running for that particular task
  • Show All Active Timers is found under Timesheets and will show you how many timers are running for both tasks and timesheet entries.

Learn more about the Active Task Timers (AroFlo Field) and All Active Timers (AroFlo Office).

Field: Compliance Items

Compliance Items is the latest section in AroFlo Field to get a spruce up!

If you've not yet made the switch to the new Field interface, why not give it a go? Look for the option at the bottom of the main menu in Field.


Learn more about Compliance Items.

Report Fields and Filters

Project reports

We have added Stage Cost Remaining as a new field for project reports.

This is made up of Stage Total Invoiced - Stage Cost.


In addition, we have enabled the 'Show Column Totals' and 'Show Overall Total' options for numeric custom fields.


This works for all report types.

Learn more about Reports.

Periodic Task Templates

We've removed the Frequency Editable in Field option as this was only relevant to legacy permission groups. This option is now governed by Permission Groups and can be found under Tasks > Fields: Frequency >Edit, within your permission groups.


Learn more about Periodic Task Templates and Permission Groups.

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