Nuts & Bolts Update: 3 December 2021

Blog postedited byRaff Lagatta

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Field: Task Asset List

In AroFlo Field, we've made a few improvements to the asset list on tasks, to make this in line with our recent Asset List update:

  • For assets with sub assets, the arrow to display sub assets is now on the left
  • Tap the name of the asset to access the asset options
  • Tap the box icon on the right to open the asset's asset card.

Learn more about adding assets to tasks.

Email Templates

We've added 'PO URL Link (office)' and 'PO URL Link (field)' as data fields for email templates.

This is handy if you have internal emails set up via Event Messages and you want to include a link to open the related purchase order in AroFlo.

Learn more about Email Templates.

Report Fields and Filters

Certifications report

Certification Document Inserted By has been added as a report field.

Use this to view the name of the user who uploaded a certification document.

Quotes Report

We've added Labour Total Ex as a report field for Quotes reports. Use this to display the labour value after markups have been applied (for detailed quotes).

Learn more about Reports.

Nuts & Bolts Update: 3 December 2021