Nuts & Bolts Update: 31 August 2021

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Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Event Messages: New field added

We've added Quote Estimator as a 'To' and 'From' field for Email and SMS event messages for all event types.

This is helpful if you want to send a notification to the estimator set on the quote when the quote has changed statuses (e.g. has been approved or rejected).

Learn more about Event Messages.

Email templates: New data elements added

We've added Client - Organisation Primary Contact First Name / Last Name as data elements to email templates.

This is useful if you want to start off your email with the primary contact's first name and not their full name.

Learn more about Email Templates.

Layout Fields

Invoice Layouts

We've added Identifier as an available column to add to tables that include material items, such as the Material, and Invoice Lines tables.

Use an identifier on inventory items to provide further information about the item, e.g. stock location, or physical location of the part.

Learn more about Layouts.

Sample Custom Layouts Added

We've added Progress Claim: Project Retentions and Variations as a custom layout, which can easily be imported.

Learn more about Sample Custom Layouts.

Nuts & Bolts Update: 31 August 2021