Nuts & Bolts Update: 8 May 2020

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Bulk Import: Tasks

We've added the 'Assigned To' field for bulk uploading tasks. Use this for assigning a task to resources and/or business units.


Learn more about Bulk Data Import.

Learn more about Task Fields.

Email History: Show template name

When viewing a history of emails, you'll now be able to see the name of an email template, if one was used to compose the email.


This is helpful to see at a glance which templates are being used on a regular basis.

Learn more about Email History.

Message Board Expiry Date

You can now add an expiry date to messages you create via the Home screen's Message Board.


This is great for short-term notices or those that are time sensitive.

Learn more about the Message Board.

More options to search Periodics

When searching periodic tasks, you can now search by client name or task type, as well as by task name. Simply select the correct option from the added dropdown when typing in the search box.


Learn more about Periodic Tasks.