Office: Calendar Makeover

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We're excited to announce the arrival of our updated Office calendar!

It's packed with a bunch of new features to make your scheduling even more flexible:

Save calendar views

Save multiple calendar views and switch between them with a single click.

Save multiple calendar views

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Additional filters

Filter by client, location, task type, assets, and more.

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All-day events

Show all-day events from external calendars, e.g. industry RDOs, your local public holidays, even your team's game dates.

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Shaded out of work hours

See your work day at a glance, as hours outside your set working hours are shaded.

Non-work hours are shaded

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All your favourite settings are still there, so you can set up your calendar views just as you want them.

Just click New Calendar to put the new features through their paces. The Learn more button below will take you to our updated Help documentation. We'll keep the old calendar available for a time; just click Old Calendar to go back to it.


We've scheduled a webinar for 11:30pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 18 March, to guide you through all aspects of the new calendar. Register here.

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• I have a calendar view set up with all my managers so I can quickly assess when they are available and the best time to organise meetings. From within the calendar, I can easily filter an individual and see what they have on for the week ahead.
• I have each business unit set up as calendar view so I can quickly drill down to see the workload of each group.
• I also have set up calendars for our projects in calendar views to make it easy to schedule catchups or project events.


I have setup a Calendar View called ‘My View’ which shows only my Schedule for the week. This allows me to easily switch between the whole Team’s Schedule and my own.

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This feature is also a good method of viewing Timesheet data easily in the calendar. Which is a very powerful way of seeing timesheet blocking (ie. seeing where there’s time where there shouldn’t be and more importantly where there’s not time where there should be.)

It makes it easy to review the timesheet data for all your workers at the end of day to ensure that you’re not missing chargeable hours in one easy view without having to go through them one one by one from the Manage timesheet function.

From timesheet view you can even easily add or amend timesheet data for each of your workers directly from the calendar.

To switch your view from Schedule View to Timesheet view. Create a new view by creating a new calendar using the manage button (under the calender selection tool - top left) and select your calendar view to create a copy of your current calendar. Click on the pencil Give it a new name and then click on the arrow next to save and change to save as - This will create an exact copy of your current calendar.

You can then alter your settings by clicking on the Settings button (Three horizontal buttons from the main calendar screen) and then click into Event Types. Untick Show Task Schedules and set Show Task Timesheets.

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