Periodical and Compliance forms

I’m trying to create a periodical with a compliance form, sounds easy but not. There is a compliance tab in the periodical template but does no serve any purpose. When a periodical task is created from the template a compliance form should be created as I see it but it doesn’t. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Nifty!

You’re not doing anything wrong here at all.
Linking a form to a periodic is very similar to adding a form to a Task Type in that it simply helps Field users to easily locate the correct form.

It won’t create the form for the person performing the work, but it will create a link to it. This also stops unnecessary forms being created.

In the Field, it will look like this:

Please note if you do delete the Form at a later date, you will also need to update each Periodic Template to remove/update the link to the Form.

Thanks Adam.

The periodical/compliance form is completed in Office is there a link in the task?

In that case, you would be best to attach the Form to the Task Type associated with the periodic rather than the periodic itself.

When you attach it to the Task Type, you have the ability to enforce ‘Complete Before Starting Task’ which means the link to the form appears and a form must be created.

This is under Site Administration > Settings > Task Types

This will result in your Task looking like this:

Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way:

I have 100 assets that each has it’s own compliance form which I want to complete periodically.
If I attach to a task type that means I have to create 100 task types to me it would be easier if I can do this via the periodical I mean there is a tab there.

Are the assets all similar? Usually we would find that a compliance form would cover one or a group of asset types / task types. Perhaps the design of the form needs to be a bit more generalised for a better fit.

It may be worthwhile calling in on 03 9259 5200 during business hours so we can have a proper look over it and better advise on the best way forward.

No the assets are not similar only that the need to have a compliance form. Yes I have discussed with AroFlo I had hoped someone has had a similar issue in the forum. But it seems I’m on my own so would be of no use raising as a product improvement. Cheers