Projects Zone and Status


When I’m trying to use a filter with the field set to status for projects. It just seems to retrieve all projects both open and closed ignoring the status. The way I am currently getting around this is to just get all and filter myself before passing on the objects.

I’ve tried in Postman and my own implementation using HttpClient in .NET. Other fields appear to work as expected (i.e. projectnumber) when filtering.


Thanks for your time.

Hey @scottw , full documentation for the api is available here: AroFlo API Documentation

Specifically I’ve linked to the Project zone and you’ll not the table there for the WHERE filter only lists 4 fields. These are the only fields currently supported for filtering.

Each Zone documents the fields available for the WHERE, JOIN, ORDER operations as well as a full definition of the POSTXML for that ZONE showing which fields can be used on INSERT and UPDATE operations.

Ah, thanks @bradley.aroflo. I must’ve of missed that section in the documentation.