Purchase Order Limits and Authorisation

Would be very useful if Aroflo could hold and reinforce PO limits as well as having a workflow for approvals that are outside the limits.
Eg. Fred has a PO limit of $500 and places an order for $650 so Aroflo notifies Dave that he has PO to approve.

Hi Colin,

I really like this idea. How I would see it working is there would have to be a ‘Pre-approved PO Amount’ option against the User card as a dollar amount to fill out.

When that user creates a PO and it exceeds the dollar amount, it gives them a pop-up warning and shoots an email off to the person they report to. It will let them Save the PO, but won’t let them change the Status from ‘In Progress’.

When their manages looks at the order, they are then able to approve it at which point it emails the staff member who originally created the PO letting them know it is okay to proceed.

The email part could be handled by an Event Message with a special filter, or by having a ‘Reports To’ option on their user card which would send an email off to their manager when events like this occur.

Please let me know if you have anything to add to that one and I can log a Product Suggestion on your behalf.


Hi Adam
Yes, it could certainly be done that way. We currently have PO authority limits, of course, so it is possible that we could use that rather than something on the user card? Or maybe better still we enter the users authority limit on the user card such that it auto populates on the order?
Myself, I would prefer a status of “pending approval” which we could report on. It would also be good to monitor the time taken for managers to approve orders and the number of pending approvals against a user (easier to hold people to account). Also consider escalation - if the manager does not approve within say 48 hours then escalate to the next level. Also, may be worth the “reports to” option being called “Next level PO approver” in case sysadmins want to route approvals differently to the usual chain of command?

thanks for the awesome information.