Purchase Orders and Bills: Further updates

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Based on feedback received, we've made a few changes to the way items are added onto a bill from purchase orders:

  • Only items that have been received but not billed, and items that have been billed but not received will transfer across to a new bill.
  • Both purchase orders and bills now contain a quantity billed column, making it easier to see how much of each item has been billed for.
  • Bills now contain a colour-coded Totals column, telling you the quantity of items ordered from your purchase order versus the received quantity across all linked bills.
  • The quantity received on a purchase order will be read-only for items that have been billed, and will use the same colour codes as seen on the bill to indicate total quantity received vs ordered.
  • On a bill, if you want to add unbilled items from the purchase order, or remove items not received or billed, use the new Manage Purchase Order Items dropdown.
  • When creating a bill without entering quantities received on the order, you'll need to decide what action you want to take.

Purchase Orders and Bills updates

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Purchase Orders and Bills: Further updates

Is it possible to make a change in the next update that changes the stock level upon receiving the goods and the PO being approved rather than when the bill is created? Most of ours are Auto imported and some suppliers do not send them until the end of the month (and so far are not changing this) so our stocks are now always out. Or can you suggest a way around this please?

Hi there Blair,

This is definitely something best discussed with one of our customer support team as they can help you with the specifics of your stock system within AroFlo!

Here’s a link to our Support Centre, just pick how you’d like to get in touch and someone from the team will help you out.

Kind Regards,

i would also like to see this. i was told Aroflo was good for stock control but have the same issues!!! i have already discussed so may be with a few people on here requesting we could get some changes.