Purchase Orders and Bills updates

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Based on feedback received, we've made a few changes to the look and feel of Purchase Orders and Bills:

  • You now have a Bills Summary tab available on both Purchase Orders and Bills, allowing you to easily view and access past bills. Note that you can still access past bills from the All Bills tab.
  • You'll notice Purchase Orders now contain a counter beside the View Bills button as well as a Total Billed field to let you know how many bills have already been created and how much has been billed, saving you from accidentally creating a duplicate.
  • Lastly, we've moved the Create Bill button to be within this area and renamed it to Approve & Create Bill. This will still create a bill for you but will also approve the Purchase Order you're working on at the same time. Note that if you don't want to approve the purchase order, simply click the options button beside Approve & Create Bill and create a bill from there instead.

![Changes to bills](upload://4IQiCdr8E1L3TrFcuNLXi1tt4Zr.png)

Team AroFlo

Purchase Orders and Bills updates