RFT Data Fields

Hi All,
Im currently trying to setup invoice templates to make invoicing easier, can anyone tell me why only some of the information isn’t being pulled from the invoice. My issue is with the following fields: Tradesperson, Material Quantity and Material Description. I have got the field name from a Aroflo and no matter what I try it doesnt not pull the data, at first i thought you could not use table data in an RTF, but the fields Labour Date, Labour Hours and Job notes are from table data. Attached is a jpeg of the PDF output from Aroflo and RTF. The PDF has no dollar value because I deleted the information, these feilds work fine.Aroflo PDF Output Invoice Total Only

Thank you for your question in AroFlo forums. When creating RTF layouts and uploading them into AroFlo, I would suggest to ensure that the current layout in AroFlo has the same data elements saved there before importing your RTF - For example: The below screen shot is from AroFlo default layouts that can be customised to an RTF, in order for the data elements to work with AroFlo to your RTF layout you must have the same data elements saved on that customised layout.

You can find further information at the following link: [RTF Layout Information]

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team to assist you further.

Hi Matt,

I’m assuming you would have resolved this issue by now but I thought I’d share my own experience for anyone else who runs into trouble with this.

I believe you are describing the same issue that I had when setting up my RTF’s. It turned out that rather than creating a table in Word and then adding individual table data from the Aroflo layout; you have to copy and paste the complete table from your Aroflo layout and then format in Word to achieve your desired styling. When the table is copied, Aroflo automatically generates a header line for each column(Item, Quantity Total, etc.) which in my case I have deleted as it didn’t suit my styling.

See the snips below of my Aroflo layout and my RTF: