⏰ Scheduling software integration

I would like to know if anyone has implemented scheduling software integration with Aroflo to Acuity, Calendly, or other platforms? Or if they have another solution.
If no one has, would anyone be interested in a joint venture development to share the costs??

I believe there is a huge efficiency opportunity to use one of these platforms for clients to:

  • Schedule their preferred day and time for a quote inspection or a site visit for a project.
  • Set auto-reminders & the ability for the client to load the booking into their preferred calendar.
  • Reschedule bookings when required.
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I would also like to know this. This is a huge improvement to booking efficiency allowing them to schedule directly into the calendar. A link or something that can be added to the website, emails, business cards and SMS blasts to clients to allow them to pick a time that suits them is awesome. Scheduleengine.com out of the US have made a product which talks with their platforms over and does exactly that! Hoping this becomes available here soon as this is where the industry is moving.