Signature Capture issues with Touch devices & Chrome

I have run into this issue quite a few times, particularly on Microsoft Surface devices using Chrome, and thought it a good idea to share this Support Note.

When a user tries to capture a signature with a Touchscreen, the signature box moves around instead of allowing you to draw in the signature box.

This usually only happens in the Field interface.

This occurs due to Chrome not enabling Touch Events by default in their browser. Enabling this requires the user to append --touch-events to the end of the shortcut or shortcuts which open Chrome. Please note Chrome must be up to date for this to work.

Search for Chrome from the Start Menu, then right-click and ‘Open File Location’:


From here, right-click on the Chrome shortcut and go to Properties. In the ‘Target’ box, append –touch-events to the shortcut and hit OK.

You may also need to update any other Chrome shortcuts you may have, such as on the desktop.