Task and Quote descriptions

How do you use these together?

When I create a quote, the header has a description, which for some reason populates the task description with text from the quote description templates.

If I add text to the quote description and task descriptions, both are printed under the field [description] when emailing or creating PDFs.

We’ve stopped using quote descriptions completely because of these issues, but are revisiting the decision. I’d really like to separate production and customer text, so I can give more targeted messages.

How do others manage this?

Hi Warwick,
It must be a setting that is causing this. We use quote and task descriptions independently. The quote description includes only what we send the customer. We copy up what we want to use as instructions for the technicians for the actual job and add more detail for internal purposes only. Sorry I don’t know the setting but Aroflo support should be able to help. I’d be happy to show you what we do.

Teresa is correct. The layout field on your Quote is Description. This includes both the Quote Description and the Task Descriptions.
You can modify the layout and select the Quote Description instead.
Our Customer Service team can help you with this. You can launch a live chat or call the Customer Service Team and they can help you out.

This link may also help: https://help.aroflo.com/display/office/Customise+a+Standard+Layout

The issue starts in the Quote Header. When raising the quote, the description field in the Quote Header is actually the Task description. I’ve checked this with the help desk again today after you posted. There is no setting that can change this.

To fill out the quote description, the quote needs to be created first. Any text entered into the description field in the quote header will transfer to the task description. Then, you can enter the quote description field and enter the text you want there.

Point 1 - If this is actually a task description field, why does the description template point to the Quote templates, when these just need to be copied in the next stage to get into the correct field? It’s redundant.

Julzapi is confusing the quote layout with the quote header. It’s a separate issue, but I do appreciate the clarification.