Timesheet verification field

Hi, the company that I work for has over 200 employees which use timesheets to enter daily hours. It’s been a big challenge and has taken a little while for all employees to get on board. However, it’s working fantastically now.
The timesheet information is downloaded via Reports > Users, however we are unable to see if the timesheet has been VERIFIED by the Supervisor for payroll processing to be started. Currently this is a manual task of which payroll officers need to go into every employees timesheet to ensure the verification - double handling. A simple report would fix the issue, however the TIMESHEET VERIFIED fields are not available Reports > Users, only under Reports > Scheduling.
I have had a data request in the system since July last year however there is not enough customer requests for this to be raised to the top of the feature change pile. Are there any other customers out there that would think this would be a great feature for them to see that all timesheets have been VERIFIED prior to processing the payrun?
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

There is a major enhancement around payroll functioning that is due to be rolled within the next 4 weeks. I think this will help with this.