Timesheets: Automated Entries on Blank Days

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You can now use the EOD Approval button to automatically insert a timesheet condition, such as a lunch break, on a day that has no other timesheet entries.

This is handy if you have staff who don't need to enter their hours but do need to record a lunch break or other regular event.

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Timesheets: Automated Entries on Blank Days

It would be really handy if the timesheets could auto load tasks against the user when added to the calendar. Could just be with blank entries so my staff don’t have to keep searching and adding the tasks to the timesheets. They follow the Calendar so the timesheets should match and be there waiting for them to fill out. Would make it a lot faster when filling out the timesheets at the end of every day on their PC’s.
I know you will say “oh but you should be doing this as you go against the task using field view” And you would be correct in thinking that, but only if you have cell phone coverage! 80% of my staff spend their time outside cell coverage and you guys wont build a god dam app to help us! Field view is terrible to use. Aroflo isn’t the best system when you dont have coverage and this would at least stop about 1 million clicks per day per person! :slight_smile:

agree having the days tasks listed on their timesheet with no hours entered would be really really helpful

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This is a no brainier, such a simple change that would save heaps of time on timesheets.