Timesheets: Daily Approvals

You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

Does your workflow require daily timesheet approvals?

You can now sign off staff timesheets daily, using our new Approve EOD (end of day) feature. You'll see this button at the top of the Daily Timesheet screen in the Office interface, along with a couple of other changes we've made as part of a larger project we're working on to make timesheets and payroll easier.

![Approve EOD Button](upload://2kKT91hpmgRRAfHwDxGulla76r2.png)

You will also see a new column in Task Labour entries called EOD Approved, which indicates that the day has been locked and no entries can be added, edited or deleted for that day.

![EOD Approved Column](upload://klHUMl22PwgK5TykGbRdbzfoK6j.png)

As with the weekly locking feature that we announced recently, once a timesheet has been signed off for the day, any documents and photos linked to a locked timesheet expense will become read only.

More coming soon

Within the coming days, we'll be expanding the Approve EOD feature to allow you to approve multiple users for a particular date range.

Team AroFlo