Timesheets: Weekly Locking

You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

We've rolled a change that will provide an additional level of security to timesheet entries.

What's changed?

Once a timesheet has been signed off for the week:

  • individual labour and timesheet expense entries will no longer be editable; they will appear greyed out, as shown below
  • it will no longer be possible to add a new labour entry or timesheet expense
  • any documents and photos linked to a locked timesheet expense will become read only.

The weekly sign-off will need to be reversed to allow for any changes to individual entries or the addition of new ones.

This change helps pave the way for some other features we're working on to make labour recording and payroll even easier.

![OFFICE IMAGE](upload://twdfF5rZMqftoF1abAVoNSzNSqT.png)

Team AroFlo