Total Profit Margins (Im Confused)

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the world of Aroflo.

When I’m preparing a quote and reviewing the profit margins down the bottom, I’m noticing that the profit margins chop and change a little depending on how I put in the labour component.

EG - if I use an inventory item the total profit margin is higher, if I add time to fittings in the UR column the profit margin is smaller, even if the hours are the same.

Am I doing something wrong or does it calculate the margins differently? I really want to be able to rely on this information so we can monitor the progress of jobs and see where we can improve.


Did you figure this one out? IT will be because the price of labour you enter down the bottom of the quote (where it splits the total labour from the UR columns) will be priced at your labour rate. Then in the margin box you will have zero so it thinks you are selling labour at its cost.
When you enter it as a material item it will have a cost and sell price.
Hope that makes sense!