Tracking Materials by the Hour

We need to track our machinery by the hour - can anyone suggest how to do this?
We charge an hourly rate, therefore would like to be able to track the usage. If we could ‘attach’ a machine to a resource, thereby tracking hours for both the employee and the machine at the same time - or something like that.
Have tried a couple of different ways but nothing worked so far.

Hi Dianne,

If you add the machine as an Asset would that work?

Thanks Robert
I can’t track the hourly cost in Assets. I think I’ll just have to have the team choose the piece of equipment as inventory and I’ll edit the hours to match the labour hours at the end of the day.

We have our plant and equipment that we hire set up as expenses that are completed on timesheets each day. The team logs the machine hours for the day along with their times. Our time sheet reports are set to exclude these from daily hour calculations and the charge out rates are set in here. This is how we log travel km’s and meal allowances also.

You could set up a second work type. One for just hours and another for hours including equipment. Example “excavator + operator” and set a different charge rate. This option would mean alot more time sheet entries that creating an expense to add to time sheet. I would suggest expenses be created beacse it is easy for thr team to enter as its in the same screen as they complete their timesheet.