Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Hi all,

Firstly I think this forum is a brilliant idea and certainly something that I have been longing for… Although Aroflo’s online documentation and customer service is good, I feel that we are provided very rigid guidance, forcing us to adapt our own solutions to our own unique situations. A platform for users to discuss and troubleshoot between themselves along with some input from Aroflo staff should be of benefit to us all!

Now, on to my problem… Now I know Aroflo isn’t really suited to warehousing and logistics so we’ve had to adapt it as best as possible, which is working okay but could definitely be improved on. Essentially, I’d like to know if anyone operates in a similar fashion to us and what solutions you have come up with to streamline the process.

Starting with a bit of background:

Our company provides a warehousing, transport and installation service to the commercial fit-out industry. We are unique in the fact that we rarely supply any of the product to be fitted. So generally speaking, at no point do we own any of the product being installed, it belongs to our client or to our client’s client(depending on the situation)

I will describe a typical workflow scenario and our current solutions below, along with my questions:

  1. Our customer is awarded the supply and install of a project.
  2. They have THEIR suppliers/manufacturers ship each respective component directly to us(multiple components from multiple suppliers which will later be combined to form one installed product)
  3. We then label the delivery via typing the details in a pre-built label in Dymo Label Software - eg. date, job name, customer’s supplier reference number, etc and then notify our client via email that it has been received.
    Obviously this process is a little cumbersome, inefficient, open to human error and lacks ability for us to track/report on what we are holding at any particular time. Can anyone suggest a better solution? From what I can understand, one solution would be to set each delivery up as an asset in Aroflo(preferably along with its own barcode).

Is there any way to set up an API between the Dymo software and Aroflo so that either: When a label is created in Dymo, an asset is created in Aroflo, along with it’s unique barcode?


When an asset is created in Aroflo, a label is generated in Dymo(with Aroflo generating the unique barcode - eg. one number higher than the previous barcode)?


Even better, is there a way to kill three birds with one stone. A Google Form or similar(I’m fairly certain Aroflo’s custom forms don’t provide the flexilbilty) that will: Generate the unique barcode, relay the information to the Dymo software which will generate and print a label, create the asset in Aroflo AND automatically generate and send an email to the client advising them it has arrived?

  1. The item is then added to it’s respective task so that our field technicians know what items to pick up. We currently input this manually as part of the task description - eg “Pick up from our warehouse - component 1, component 2” Which the technician will refer to when is completing the pick up(which has been scheduled against the task in the calendar - Eg. 7.00am - 7.30am - “Pick up from our warehouse”)

I know assets can be linked to tasks but how can we ensure that it is obvious to the technician the difference between an asset they need to collect as opposed to an asset on site that needs servicing?


Is it possible to have a technician scan the barcode on that asset when they collect it from our warehouse which then automatically archives or marks it as having left our location?

  1. Lastly, once the job is complete and we invoice the task we charge the receipt of item(a set rate based on cubic metres) and then an additional charge based on how long we held it. I am currently adding this to the invoice manually using a pre-made “inventory item”. This method is inefficient and at the disposal of human error/laziness.

Is there a way to achieve this automatically using information from the asset card/asset history(if the asset is connected to the task then all of the required data should exist, right?)

Looking forward to hearing if anybody operates in a similar way, along with any novel solutions!


Do the items supplied already have an existing barcode?
Could a custom print layout from the Job sheet in AroFlo be printed in a label format to suit?