Website Enquiries come into AroFlo via Work Order Imports

AroFlo can create jobs from website enquiries.

Some clients have a Book a Quote or Request Info button on their website. Using the work order import area of AroFlo you can bring these requests into AroFlo as Tasks.

To setup:

  • We use the email sent to you from these enquiries to create the job inside AroFlo.
  • You will need to create a “dummy” client for these enquiries to map to, eg. Website Enquiry.
  • For normal work order imports we can create a Task under the relevant client and even create a
    Location. However, we do not know if this request is coming from a client, a potential client or is spam. So we need to attach them to a “dummy” client.
    Follow the instructions for setting up work order imports, watch a webinar: WO Import or contact the Customer Service team for help (we include 4 setups of work order imports are part of your setup).

Workflow once setup:

  • The task will be created inside AroFlo under the “dummy” client
  • You will receive an email that the job was created
  • Once you verify the lead is legitimate you can change the Task Client or Create a new Client (from inside the Task).
  • Simply click on the Client (top half of the Task Card) and either type in a name or use the magnifying glass to search or Add New Client.
  • Save.
  • If the jobs needs to be quoted click the Create Quote button inside the Task (bright blue button).

You can set up Email Templates to contact the client.
Our sales team use this feature inside our AroFlo.
We created a separate Business Unit for the sales team.
We created a Task Type called Sales Enquiries for website enquiries.
This Task Type has all the relevant pricing schedules, case studies, promotional brochures attached to our Documents & Photos tab.
All emails are sent inside the job.

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