Who is using the API to improve functionaility & developer reccomendations?

I am looking to engage a developer to help improve the efficiency of working with Aroflo and also connectivity between other applications.

**Maybe some of you have already implemented these processes? **
How are they working for you?
**Did anything not work? **
Has anyone added improved automation?
Do you have recommendations for API Developers?

Processes I am looking to implement:

  1. Add a Note (HTML) to a task in Aroflo, by entering the Job Number and the new Note in a web form.
  2. Add a PDF attachment to a task in Aroflo, based on the Job Number the PDF form relates to.
    i.e. A form created in FastField (3rd party form application) can be uploaded into Aroflo for the relevant job.
  3. API link between Aroflo and FastField - FastField to receive current ist of Job Number, Address, Client etc to populate the form in the 3rd party application.
  4. If a Purchase Order is raised and a Custom Field is equal to Task Pick up. Create a “Good Pick Up” task with supplier details and order number.