WordPress forms to Tasks in AroFlo


We get a lot of requests from aroflo.com for demonstrations of our software and we needed a way to easily take the information from people filling out forms on our WordPress site to create a task in AroFlo.
But it has to:

  1. Be against the right Business Unit
  2. The right Task Type
  3. Notify several people that there is a new request
  4. Be very responsive with minimal time between the form being completed and the task created in AroFlo

We also wanted to reduce barriers to entry and so removed the State and Country fields from our contact forms. It was decided to instead lookup the state and country from the users IP address using a GeoIP database. We knew that this method would not be 100% accurate, but as long as we had the correct state 90% of the time, it would greatly assist the team, and be one less thing a user would have to complete on our forms.

WordPress is one of the best and most widely used platforms out there, and the ContactForm7 plugin is one of the best to handle contact and booking forms. This makes things pretty easy to create a form on your website and have the details emailed to you. Our original (and still a very valid option) method used Work Order Imports which was fine, but was unable to split information into our Task Custom Fields, assign the task to a different client or do any extended notifications.

Enter Zapier and it’s many integrations (including the AroFlo HMAC app).

Piecing it all together

If you’re not already familiar with Zapier the basic premise is that you have a Trigger (receiving an email via webhook) and then you perform one or more actions to achieve your outcome.

The basic flow is this:

  1. Receive email
  2. Split data out into discreet parts for use
  3. Send an email with the details to all those who would like to be informed (could me a mailing list, shared mailbox or list of emails)
  4. Create the task in AroFlo
  5. Determine so other details to enrich the task
  6. Update the created task with the extra details
  7. Notify the Sales Team via our internal chat platform (MS Teams)

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I think ideas like this are great. It would be good to see AroFlo focus more on CRM integration. We find ourselves managing job and client communication outside the platform. It would be great to be able to manage all this within AroFlo.