Work in Progress Reporting is a Must

Any company large all small needs work in progress reporting.

What AroFlo needs is a simple report that you can run for a given date, say the month end.

The report needs to show all the jobs in your desired business unit, the job number and description, then the cost and sell for labour, material and expense, plus the invoiced amount if there is on. It shows what the job should be invoiced out for at that point in time.

This report would be used widely, and what what I have heard has been requested a lot from other companies.

It is a must for any financial reporting so I think AroFlo needs to place some time to get this very basic, but very import report built ASAP.


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Hi Nathan, thank you for your suggestion! Although it is possible to create a report with labour, material and expense TOTALS, it is tricky to have all of these on one report if you want to see each line value as well as this may duplicate depending on the data you’re pulling through.

I’d be interested to hear how other companies are reporting this information; currently to my knowledge our options are to create one report with labour, material and expense total columns or if we want to display all lines then it must be one labour report, one material report and one expense report.

I have made this report and have been using it for the accountant for around 2 years now, although it does double up on lines that have multiple invoices against them. I then export to Excel and select the column showing job numbers and then get it to highlight all duplicates. I then strip them out. This shows total of Labour, materials and invoice amounts on each line. I use this every month but I have to run it each month at the correct time. I really wish we could trigger reports from a schedule and have them auto emailed to myself but for now I have the shortcut saved to my iPhone and run the report from here and then export and save to onedrive.

I agree. WIP reporting is a must.

I have a rough report where I look at quotes accepted - all our work is quoted. It’s not perfect, but it gives an idea about what jobs have been won, and what is still in the pipeline.