Xero Timesheet Integration

Blog post edited by Peter Vojtech

AroFlo now includes Xero timesheet integration so you can send timesheets straight to Xero.

  • Reduce manual entry during pay runs. Send verified timesheets from AroFlo to Xero.
  • Send overhead hours (like personal leave, annual leave and RDOs).
  • Send productive hours for those paid by the hour (like contractors and casuals).

Learn more below.

![Sync Timesheets with Xero](upload://vvLscQ7KQkzog9R2xx864tKEilN.png)

Team AroFlo

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This is a great feature, unfortunately we don’t use Xero for payment of staff. Currently using MYOB, however shortly transferring to a new system called ELMO. So I can’t wait to see if you might be able to become partners with other software programs or have an API they can link to for data transfer.
Currently Sterling NT have over 200 timesheets per week that are downloaded, assessed in Excel and then uploaded into MYOB for final payment. The Excel spreadsheet is for the award interpretation which MYOB does not have. Thus the move to ELMO which will have this ability. Looking forward to the next feature which will assist our business functionality.

We are close to completed MYOB integration for this area. We are also working on some enhancements to the timesheet area itself that should be helpful for you.